Before Refractive Eye Surgery

If you use contact lenses, you should stop using them a few weeks before refractive eye surgery takes place. This is important, because contact lenses change the shape of the cornea of the eye. The US FDA recommends not using contact lenses at least 4 weeks before undergoing laser surgery (in case of hard contact lenses) and 2 weeks before (in case of soft contact lenses). Other Clinics will recommend less time.

You should tell your doctor (ophthalmologist) of any medication you are using and tell him the history of your eyes. The day of the refractive eye surgery, you should not use any creams or lotions on your face, or any makeup or perfume, because these products may increase the risk of infections during and after refractive eye surgery (laser eye operation).

You will not be able to drive right after laser eye surgery. Someone should drive you to the Clinic and take you back home after refractive eye surgery. Right before the surgery, you will get some drops in your eyes which will not let you see well. For this reason, it is especially important that you do not go alone to the Clinic.

Laser eye surgery is performed with the patient awake. The patient receives drops in his or her eyes which are used to anesthetize them.

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