Excimer Laser

The word laser is an acronym for the words “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. For practical purposes, a laser is a device that emits light that is highly concentrated in a specific energy wavelength. When this high-energy light is concentrated on a specific part (e.g. a tissue) it produces a cut.

Laser eye surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to make cuts in our organs and tissues almost without bloodshed. The two most valuable qualities of the laser technology are its cutting power and the millimetric precision of the laser beam. With the laser beam, corrections of all kinds are achieved. Its uses range from simple things such as removing a tattoo to removing other more complicated tissues such as a tumour. The laser has many medical uses and it is widely used in many different medical specialties such as dermatology, ophthalmology, pain therapy and dentistry.

One of the most important advantages of laser eye surgery is the precision of the excimer laser for high precision cuts. This aspect makes the laser beam the most appropriate tool to operate on delicate tissues and organs, such as the eye, that require extreme accuracy. The laser beam has been widely used in the field of ophthalmology especially in laser eye surgery, which has developed significantly over the last few years.

The laser procedure is widely used in eye surgery. Lasik laser surgery uses the excimer laser which produces a beam of ultraviolet light of a powerful energy.

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