Laser Eye Surgery – Hyperopia

Hyperopia is a disorder of the eye (refractive error of the cornea).  A hyperopic eye cannot focus well and see close objects well. People who suffer from farsightedness (hyperopia) can see distant objects well but not those that are nearby.

In a farsighted person, objects focus behind the retina rather than directly into the retina. Why does this happen? This is because the hyperopic eye is too small. This is the opposite of myopia, where the eye is too big. Farsightedness is genetic and usually occurs with age.

Hyperopia can be corrected with laser eye surgery.  With laser eye surgery, the cornea of the eye is reshaped to allow images to focus on the right place on the retina. It is important to note that people who suffer hyperopia do not cease to be farsighted after laser eye surgery.   Their eyes remain hyperopic, but the cornea is remodelled to focus the image in the right place. What makes laser surgery work is the fact that laser eye surgery reshapes the cornea, so the cornea forms the image on the retina instead of forming the image behind it.  With the laser procedure, the doctor (ophthalmologist) corrects, but not cures, hyperopia.

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