Types of Eye Surgery

CK method (conductive keratoplasty) is a type of refractive surgery that uses mild heat from radio waves to shrink the collagen in the periphery of the cornea. Some follow-up studies of patients show a return of these to their previous state, after undergoing CK surgery.  In these cases, CK surgery showed improvements but these improvements were not permanent. It is therefore very important that a professional assesses whether this type of surgery is appropriate in each case. For example, if a patient is suffering from myopia, then the CK method would probably not be the most appropriate type of eye surgery.

Implantable Lenses: Implantable lenses are similar to the so-called intraocular lenses which are used primarily in patients with cataracts. In the case of refractive eye surgery, this is a good alternative for those patients who are not good candidates for Lasik eye surgery. These lenses are permanently implanted between the cornea and the iris. In these cases, this procedure substitutes laser eye surgery, and thus the cornea does not need to be remodelled or polished.

Replacing the natural lens. This surgery replaces the natural lens for an artificial lens.

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