Presbyopia Surgery

Presbyopia is the evil that we will all have sooner or later. Presbyopia often starts in people who are between 40 & 45 years of age. The initial symptom is the need of more light when reading. What happens is that with age, the lens of the eye hardens, loses flexibility and its ability to adapt and focus well on close objects.

Laser eye surgery can correct presbyopia but it is not a good solution for everyone. To correct presbyopia the solution is to correct only one eye to see clearly far objects and leave the other eye to see objects which are near. Explained in another way, when the person is looking at a distant object, one of the eyes will focus correctly (usually it will be his dominant eye). When looking at a nearby object, the other eye will focus and form the image correctly on the retina. In this case, each eye will be dominant depending if the object is near or far.

People who have had laser eye surgery to correct presbyopia, usually have eye surgery performed only on one eye. In this case, his or her eyes will no longer function together focusing on objects.  This is something which may be difficult to get used to. If you are contemplating surgery to solve this problem, because you are tired of presbyopia, we recommend that you check beforehand if you can get used to your eyes functioning independently. You can try this by putting on a lens in the eye to simulate the effect of laser surgery.

The surgical technique most often used is the Lasik laser eye surgery. Another method often used when working on a single eye is known as CK which is based on emissions of RF energy.

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